About Us

CPA Index produce downloadable exam indexes to help CPA Program candidates pass their exams.

Our indexes provide a key word reference list which matches the official CPA Australia subject ‘Study Guide’. We regularly update our indexes to match the current semester study guides.

Our indexes are written by CPA Qualified Accountants who have undertaken the CPA Program. We guarantee the highest quality indexes to help you pass your CPA exam on the first attempt.

Note that we only produce CPA Indexes. We do not sell summary notes, copies of Study Guides, or any other study aids.


What is a CPA Index

We produce CPA exam indexes which are downloaded in PDF format. They can be printed and taken in to your exam. 

A CPA index is a comprehensive index of the keywords and terms used through out the CPA Study Guide, with page number references to the exact page the term appears in the Study Guide. The CPA Study Guide itself does not contain an index of terms contained within. 

Our indexes cover keywords, chapter headings and sub-headings, authors, legal terms, legislation references, organisation names etc.


CPA Program Subjects

CPA Index produce exam indexes for the following CPA Australia | CPA Program subjects:

Compulsory Subjects

  • Ethics and Governance (EG)
  • Strategic Management Accounting (SMA)
  • Financial Reporting (FR)
  • Global Strategy and Leadership (GSL)

Elective Subjects

  • Digital Finance (DF)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
  • Contemporary Business Issues (CBI)
  • Financial Risk Management (FRM)
  • Australia Taxation (AT)
  • Australia Taxation – Advanced (ATA)

We aim to produce updated indexes which match the current semester study guides. Please get in touch if your subject has a new edition Study Guide and we’ll produce an update immediately.


Refund Policy

As our indexes are a downloadable product, we are unable to offer 'change of mind' refunds.

Update Guarantee: Buy with confidence. We'll update the index if the study guide changes. If an index is outdated or does not match the description we will happily provide a replacement updated index.

For any refund queries, please get in touch via the Contact Us page within 14 days of purchase.