CPA Exam Guide - Hints and Tips

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CPA Exam Guide - General Hints and Tips  | 50% Off with any CPA Index

This CPA Exam Guide has been created to help CPA Program candidates pass their exams. It provides general hints and tips covering all CPA Exams and the CPA Program as a whole. It does not provide subject specific notes.

Topics covered include:

  • Subject selection
  • Order of subjects
  • Choice of electives
  • How many subjects per semester?
  • Scheduling your exam
  • Online proctored exam – pros and cons
  • Testing centre exam – pros and cons
  • Approach to study
  • Prepare your study guide for exam day
  • Prepare an index of the study guide
  • How to use a CPA index
  • Plan your exam strategy
  • Prepare for exam day
  • Be ready on exam day
  • What to bring to the exam
  • During the exam
  • Multiple choice questions - hints and tips
  • Extended response questions - hints and tips

Provided in PDF format 21 x A4 Pages. Available for download immediately on purchase.