Why a CPA Index

Why use a CPA Index

All CPA Program exams (except Singapore Taxation) are fully open book and are based on the official CPA Australia subject ‘Study Guide’. This means you can take the Study Guide into the exam, along with any additional printed material that might assist you such as our CPA Index.

A CPA Index allows CPA Program candidates to easily navigate the Study Guide during the exam in order to correctly answer questions. Identify the keywords or terms in the exam question and use your CPA Index to find the exact page this topic is covered in the Study Guide.


How to use a CPA Index during a CPA Program exam

The example below demonstrates how a CPA Program candidate might use a CPA Index to assist during a CPA Australia exam.

  1. Example Question:

    Which of the following is not one of Porter’s fives forces.
    a) New entrants
    b) Alternative or substitute products
    c) Customers
    d) Technology

  2. Candidate refers to their CPA Index and looks up keyword Porter’s five forces’


  3. Candidate opens immediately to Page 77 in their official CPA Australia subject Study Guide and can confidently answer that ‘(d) Technology’ is not one of Porter’s fives forces.